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A new round of initiatives to expand opening to the outside world will come to t

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Chinese President Xi Jinping has recently met with Ban Ki-moon, chairman of the Boao forum for Asia in the Great Hall of the people.

Xi Jinping pointed out that the Boao forum for Asia was founded at the beginning of this century. Its initial intention is that Asian countries should jointly strengthen themselves, face challenges together and enhance Asian influence. The mission and purpose of the forum is to promote economic integration in Asia and promote regional exchanges and cooperation with other countries in the world to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. The establishment and development of the forum is closely related to China's reform and opening up process. It is hoped that the forum will keep pace with the times, focus on the economies of Asia and emerging markets, pay attention to the major realities of the world, and provide new ideas, new ideas and ways to solve the problems of development, improve economic governance and achieve sustainable development, and play an active role in promoting the common development and prosperity of China and the world. As a host country, China will continue to support the work of the forum board and support the forum to continuously enhance its influence.

Xi Jinping stressed that the current uncertainties and uncertainties in the world are increasing, and new problems and new challenges emerge one after another. Is it open or closed: innovation or conservatism is a win-win or a zero sum? Asian countries and the international community need to make the right choice. Xi Jinping said, at the 2018 annual meeting of the Boao Forum on Asia, that economic globalization is an irreversible trend of the times, and the future of the world has never been so closely related and closely connected. In the face of problems in economic globalization, it is not a way to keep pace with the old. Multilateral coordination is the way out.

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