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The power shift of "high IQ"

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Xinjiang Kuitun production and Construction Corps has a professional agricultural mechanic, Zhao. Last year, when Lao Zhao planned to buy second power shift tractors for his farm, he had a "struggle" for "buying imported goods, or using national goods".
The so-called power shift refers to the intelligent operation of agricultural machinery in the course of driving, such as automatic shifting. The power shift tractor is a "intelligent tractor" equipped with the functions of electronic aid shift and automatic cruise. It has now become the mainstream model of the agricultural machinery industry in developed countries.
Lao Zhao lives in the Kuitun area, and is the most advanced area of agricultural development in the country. A few years ago, the field shifted to the power shift tractor, but it was all international brands such as Deere, Keith, new Holland and so on.
After a few decades of agricultural machinery hand of Zhao in the heart of the most clear: the power shift technology has been mastered in the hands of international giants, domestic tractors are almost mechanical transmission, want to find a domestic power shift tractor in the market, difficult!

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