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Let "craftsman spirit" sublimate in the inheritance of contemporary "Luban spiri

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"Contemporary Luban"
After building a hundred years' boutique, a monument was set in the tree, after the Turkey EREN (1+1) x 600MW supercritical coal-fired power plant project was built by CMEC in December 2012 to win the Chinese Luban prize (overseas project), and in November 17, 2015, CMEC won the Luban prize for the 2015 overseas project for "CMEC".
China Construction Luban prize (national high quality project) is the highest award in the field of construction quality in China. The creation of the Luban prize project is a systematic project. Its process includes a series of systematic work from initial planning to completion acceptance, including quality, technology, safety, energy conservation and environmental protection, user satisfaction, site management and other elements.
The Luban prize for the project of the Belarus United cycle power station is a highly praised and affirmative state for the successful completion of the construction of overseas projects by the CMEC. It is the result of the close cooperation between all the personnel of the project group and the relevant departments and units, and plays an active role in promoting the implementation level of the CMEC project. In March 5, 2016, the Prime Minister of the State Council, Li Keqiang, in the government work report, mentioned the enterprise to carry out personalized, flexible production, nurturing the spirit of refinement of the craftsman. It is not CMEC's perfect interpretation of "ingenuity" that Luban won.

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