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The growth of Asia Pacific economies will be super expected this year

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DDT's latest report predicts that Asian economies will grow faster in 2018. As economic growth exceeded expectations in 2017, despite the instability in parts of the region, the three major factors foreshadowed that economic growth in the Asia Pacific region will not slow down in the next year and will continue to increase. DDT economist Stephen Smith points out that following the surprise growth of 2017, many people predict that the growth of the Asia Pacific region will slow down in 2018. However, we remain optimistic about the prospects of the Asia Pacific economy, and believe that Asian economies will again achieve growth beyond expected in 2018. The continuous improvement of domestic conditions in the Asian region, the rapid development of infrastructure spending projects and the sustained recovery of global demand have promoted the accelerated development of trade driven economies in Asia. These three factors are the driving force behind our prediction. Recent reports suggest that many major policy reforms implemented in most parts of Asia, such as the tax on goods and services, and the abolition of fuel and other subsidies, have, to a certain extent, compromised consumer confidence and brought short-term negative effects on business. But, like the policy impact of India's abolition of large face notes, the negative impact is dissipating, instead promoting the recovery of domestic demand for consumer demand and the recovery of external trade demand. Many countries have also taken measures to improve the business environment, pave the way for attracting investment, or shift their policy initiatives to attracting investment.

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