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Three year action plan for Shanghai aviation manufacturing industry chain

time:2018-06-08 08:43:47 source:admin click: 729second

The Shanghai Municipal Commission of letters issued a special plan for the three year action plan of Shanghai aviation manufacturing industry chain (2018-2020).

According to the three year plan of action, Shanghai will implement the "main manufacturer supplier" linkage development model, taking the project of large passenger aircraft and civil aviation engine as the center, speeding up the construction of an integrated aviation manufacturing chain system of design, research and development, manufacturing, certification, maintenance, operation and service, and gradually form the main manufacturing system. The aviation manufacturing industry system, which is guided by business, the cluster of superior suppliers, the support of the core supporting enterprise and the specialized platform service, will make the aviation industry a new growth point in Shanghai to consolidate and enhance the economic level of the real economy.

From the target, by 2020, the Shanghai aviation manufacturing industry chain construction will make substantial progress, the main manufacturer's own ability to increase, and strive to achieve 50 billion yuan in the total output value of aviation manufacturing industry, and build a solid foundation for building an aviation manufacturing industry cluster with global influence in Shanghai.

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