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Four major levels do strong, great power and capital

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Being a strong and excellent country, capital is the new major decision made by the Central Committee of the party. And general secretary Xi Jinping has also made clear demands on the nineteen party. The relevant people of the SASAC pointed out that for the state capital supervision, it means to change from the management of the enterprises to the management of capital, and to change the functions of the state capital supervision institutions by the management of capital. The emphasis is on letting go, managing, optimizing and amplifying. From these four levels, we can see that there is capital in a big country.

In particular, it is necessary to liberate state capital, reform the authorized management system of state-owned capital, define the boundary of the ownership and management of state-owned capital scientifically, adjust the matters of power and responsibility of the state-owned capital supervision institutions, and truly implement the corporate property rights and management autonomy of the enterprises.

The two is to manage state capital well, not to ignore, but to innovate the mode and means of supervision, to change the administrative mode of administration, to improve the system and method of assessment, to promote the value and value of the state capital. At the same time, we must stick to the red line to prevent the loss of state assets, and resolutely prevent the loss of state assets.

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